Friday, September 4, 2009

Number Two Son started his own blog...

Scary thought, that.

Not because I'm worried about HIM, but I'm worried about what he'll inflict on other people.

Well, not really. Mostly I'm proud he's got the chops to give it a try.

Currently, (and this is a good thing) I seem to be the only person in the world following his blog (as a good mother should).

Son number two has always written things. Ever since he was two and half / three years old (if the creaky brain is remembering correctly and isn't indulging in overweening motherly pride).

His brother has always drawn things -- Blues Clues was the BEST show in the world for him as it helped him learn techniques for drawing.

Son number two draws with the same exuberance as cats yowling -- mucho enthusiasm -- not so much understanding from the viewer (and please don't think I'm being a rotten, mean nasty person. I DON'T tell him that I really can't figure out what one spikey stick thing is compared to another spikey stick thing -- I CAN'T DRAW EITHER. I'm lousy at it.) I admit it freely. And he knows that his art work isn't going to win him prizes.

However, he's been a story-teller / book writer from the moment he realized that it was possible. When he was little, his brother would try to draw comic books -- but with no words. Son number two would have to then OUT DO him and have me put together a booklet of clean paper (stapled, of course) and I would either write what he said, or spell the words out for him so he could write them down, and then he'd illustrate the whole thing.

His stories have always been about bombs, castles being blown up, death, destruction and mayhem (I may have mentioned this before). PLUS, anything that he recently read, or watched on TV came into play.

This being the case, he recently heard lots of talk about blogging. One day this week he says that he's thinking about a blog. The next day (and mind you this is without ANY intervention from adults or older brother) he's got one made and has five blog entries put up.

Man - he puts me to shame!

The thing is, I read the posts.

Then I told him (as nicely as I could) that if he used text speak, run-on sentences, and misspelled words, he'd probably not get too many followers. So he's working on it. Today he wanted me to freshen up one of the posts....

I hope he continues to write them.

It's a great peek at what a nine year old is actually thinking ...

sort of.

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