Monday, September 28, 2009

Camp Out time again...

We actually got a shot of all of us -- of course it was on the SECOND day, so everyone was looking a bit dirty and unwashed -- but we had a great time.
This is our Cub Scout pack -- well, most of it (with complete families too). Yearly we go on a family camp out which generally lands somewhere in September. This year it was 100 degrees in the shade which (I hear) was better than the last two where it was frigid by nighttime.  Son number two was with me. He and his den of Webelos worked on two pins while we were there which was cool. 

Son number two really wanted to spend all his time fishing. Luckily, we had THREE (count them) THREE dads who not only brought fishing gear, but actually knew how to USE IT!!!!

AND -- they were patient. With the boys, with the fishing rods and reels, and with the fish.

This is the first batch of guys I've seen who actually put the line in the water, brace the fishing pole against something then -- WALK AWAY!  and it worked too.

While son number two didn't catch anything, one of my Webelos did. Twice.  The first was a large Carp (that's what the dad said -- who am I to know if he's right or not... though how a big old gold fish got in a lake in the middle of Merced County I wouldn't begin to guess.  The second was a rainbow trout. Or a trout of some sort.)  Dad and son gutted, cleaned and then cooked the fish with dinner -- and handed out tastes to all who wanted to try it.  What fun.

Now son number two can't stop talking about fixing his fishing pole (don't even ask) so he can go fishing by himself.

Here's the new webelo and his  dad with fish.

A good time was had by all. We came back home dirty, sweaty and tired, but happy.

Next month, it's family camp with the Boy Scouts and son number one. This time we head out to Monterey.

Today's fun book entered into my database is:

Dorothea Lange and the American Country Woman

great pictures of women during the depression. Or, just plain great documentary photographs period.

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